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Ergo drums

Ergo drums

Ergo lidded drums
  • Ergo drums with capacities from 50 to 60 liters combine the best features of our containers (up to 30 L) and our tight head drums (from 60 L upward)
  • Their ergonomic design features two handles for easy handling
  • Their two neck openings – with standard screw threads – cater for a variety of applications
  • Standard colors: natural and blue
  • Screw cap to DIN 61: 55 mm thread with PE washer and integral tamper-evident band
  • Other material weights, colors or packaging variants can also be offered on request
  • All variants have a UN certification No. The type testing depends on the version – please inquire for your specific duty

Typical palletizing arrangements (as per table)
  1. EF 50L: pallets 800 x 1200 mm; 3 layers of 6 drums
  2. EF 60L: pallets 800 x 1200 mm; 3 layers of 6 drums

Other packaging types, e.g. for export, on request.
T = ¾“ bottom outlet, e.g. for Aero-Flow or Quick-Serve faucets

Technical data:
All dimensions and technical data given are average values reflecting the current status when posted on this website. Technical details subject to change without notice. V-C212