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General description

General description

General description
Every size in our range of plastic and laminated containers and drums has UN certification for the transportation of dangerous goods in compliance with ADR, RID, IATA and IMDG regulations.

HDPE (high density polyethylene)


  • Natural, some types available in blue or black ex stock
  • Other colors on request for agreed minimum quantities


  • Completely drainable
  • Impact resistant
  • UN certification for most hazardous substances
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids (see chemical compatibility chart)
  • No adverse physiological reactions; food grade material
  • Odorless
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Stackable / palettizable
  • Blow-molded handle at top
  • ¾" bottom outlet optional (from 20 liter size upward)
  • Easy-grip dimple in bottom
  • Ideal for brand advertising: silk-screen printing or labeling options


  • Complete range of containers from 3 – 30 liter as standard types with large neck openings (DIN 61) approx. 47 mm wide
  • 20 to 30 L containers also available as wide neck containers with 95 mm thread, opening approx. 83 mm wide
  • Complete range of containers also available as laminated versions with Selar RB barrier layers (see Baritainer®)
Environmental protection
Provided that polyethylene packaging is clean, i.e. rinsed out leaving no residues, it can ultimately be disposed of without causing any pollution.

Quality management
To ISO 9001:2000

In order to prevent damage from ultraviolet radiation, containers that have not been colored should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Only polyethylene that has been colored or UV stabilized offers suitable protection.

Container marking
Typical examples of standard markings used by Plastomatic AG

Allgemeine Beschreibung UN-Plakette
UN marking with
certification No.
Allgemeine Beschreibung Artikelbezeichnung
Part code
(here 12 L container))
Allgemeine Beschreibung Herstellerbezeichnung
Name of manufacturer
(near stacking dimple)
Allgemeine Beschreibung Uhr
Production date

Applications & suitability of plastic containers

Containers & drums...
...a multitude of uses in industry and commerce

The special properties of polyethylene, such as its being:
  • Chemically inert
  • Highly stable
  • No problem to recycle
  • Disposable without causing pollution
  • Inexpensive nonetheless
  • machen diesen Werkstoff und die daraus hergestellten Kunststoff-Gebinde zu geschätzten und viel genutzten Helfern.

make this material and the containers manufactured from it highly regarded and widely used commodities.

The following list of sectors and products for which our containers are used is by no means exhaustive:

Agrar-Agriculture Spent solutions
Flavors & fragrances industry Fragrances
Automotive industry Battery electrolytes
Construction industry
(from Alcohols to Water)
Chemical industry
Waste disposal containers
Waste disposal industry
Essentail oils
Small businesses
Household, garage & garden
Resins & hardeners
Cosmetics industry
Laboratories and test apparatus
Radiator fluid
Lebensmittel Industrie Alkalis
Food industry Solution for the metal finishing industry
Oils and lubricants
Öle und Saniermittel

Crop protection products / fertilizers
In spection and testing solutions
Cleaning agents
Raw materials
Acids / bases
Window cleaning solutions

You can extend these lists in future by adding your industry and/or your specialties.

We are always ready to meet your challenge and find the right solution for your products too!