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The square shape of the drums allows a more optimal pallet loading.

Square Drums: New, Clever, Space-saving

Drums are always round – this is the general opinion. This is no longer true: as a response to strong customer demand for the optimization of the load factor of pallets, Müller Plastics included CurTec square drums in its sales program.

Industrial packaging is available in various materials and in different shapes. This wide range is now expanded with square plastic drums offering new advantages to the customers.

But not everything is new in these drums. Proven features have been retained. Just like round drums, the square drums are provided with a screw lid. The screw lid allows quick, reliable and simple closing of the drum. Every lid has a rubber gasket which ensures that solid contents are protected against moisture and that liquids cannot leak. The water vapor diffusion resistance index of square drums has been defined in compliance with an ASTM standard.

The square shape of the drums allows a more optimal pallet loading. The unused space that appears between the packages in case of round drums is reduced. Compared to round drums, the pallet efficiency can be increased by 5 to 25 %. In the same time, the sustainability in other cycle phases, such as the storage, is improved.

The better stacking safety is another advantage of square drums. Combined with the perfect fit of bottom and lid, the straight sides ensure maximum stability and positive fit on the pallet.

The CurTec drums are robust, watertight, sealable, food compatible, easy to handle and reusable. They are made out of HDPE and they are UN-certified for solid hazardous goods (1H2). They are perfectly suitable for the transport of pharmaceutical products, specialty chemicals and food ingredients.

These drums are available in the sizes 40, 50, 66 and 80 liters.

Conclusion: Square drums allow higher pallet density and their unique screw lid makes them as easy to open and close as wide neck drums. And they are clean, safe and fully certified.

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