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Müller AG Plastics (formerly Plastomatic AG) – About us

Müller AG Plastics joined the Müller Group in 1962 when the management identified a growing market for industrial packaging in plastic. The manufacture of 25 to 60 liter plastic containers with handles started on a second-hand BEKUM BA 500 blow-molding machine. Today Müller AG Plastics produces containers, bottles and drums with capacities ranging from 5 to 200 liters on several large blow-molding machines. Other molded articles can also be manufactured. Complementary to its own products Müller AG Plastics also supplies tight head and open head drums with capacities up to 220 litres. Furthermore we supply the product range from Curtec, especially the large neck drums for solid goods.
A large silo storage system for raw materials, partial wall thickness control (PWDS) and large warehousing capacities guarantee reliable and flexible manufacturing.

Müller AG Plastics is the specialist for "MultiCan" containers in a 6 layer coextrusion process with an effective barrier preventing permeation.
MultiCans also have an antistatic outer layer to avoid electrostatic discharges during filling and emptying of flammable products.

Today Müller AG Plastics is a competent partner and key supplier for companies primarely active in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, food, petroleum, surface coatings and cleaning products industries

The facilities in Muttenz, Switzerland, occupy a 7800 m2 site.

- Our quality management is certified to ISO 9001:2015
- Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007
- Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015
- We are certified to the BRC/IoP Global Standard for hygiene management in the manufacture of food packaging
- All our products are UN type-tested for the transportation of dangerous goods
- We operate a well-equipped quality assurance laboratory in order to guarantee that customer requirements are met at all times

Müller AG Plastics has a workforce of some 40 full-time employees and operates a shift system.

We process polyethylene, an environmentally compatible polymer. The scrap from trimming operations is recycled to the production process and is used in other plastic products. Used containers are recycled and reused, or are used in a thermal recycling process. Waste process heat in our factory is used for space heating. All our production processes are continually being optimized and monitored for environmental soundness.
In January 2015 we took in operation an 30 kwh solar pannel which we use for our own electricity consumption.

Mission statement:
Our aim is to maintain our positioning as an innovative and reliable partner. Our flexibility enables us to fulfill your requirements at all times. We base our business on long-term relationships founded on mutual respect and trust.
Annual investment plans ensure that our manufacturing systems are maintained at state-of-the-art levels.